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Alex Price & AP10

Bc. App. Sc. (Physio.)
F.I.S.T. Cert. Professional Bike Fit
Triathlon Level 1 Coach
N.S.W.I.S Accred Physio

Alex is based in Wollongong near Sydney, he is an elite level triathlete, who has competed both nationally and internationally, gaining a great deal of first-hand experience on the finer aspects of triathlon. He has raced in 5 Ironman triathlons, 20+ Half Ironman’s and numerous shorter races over the 10 years he has been involved in the sport. Alex has had success on both a national and international level in his age group, with several Australian title and a bronze medal at the 30-34 Long Course World Championships in Spain in 2012.

Coaching, Physiotherapy and Biomechanics

Since studying in Adelaide, Alex has been working as physiotherapist for 15 years and has worked extensively across the globe. Alex has extensive experience across a wide field surrounding triathlon. He has been the New South Wales Institute of Sport (NSWIS) Triathlon Physiotherapist for 8 years, works for the AIS triathlon team and is also employed by the ITU squad. In addition Alex has worked on the Tour de France and at two Olympics Games. Alex recently received his NSWIS accreditation for Physiotherapy, which is a highly sought after accolade in the profession.

Alex works at Phytness Healthcare in Wollongong NSW and traveled every year for 8 years with the AIS team to their base in Europe. This extensive experience working with the worlds best athletes and coaches has given him invaluable experience that he utilises professionally as a physiotherapist and coach.

Alex is very passionate about technique and correct biomechanics. He utilises motion analysis video software on his athletes in the three disciplines to correct and improve their form. This is also a service that is offered via his physiotherapy practice – Swim and Run Analysis consults.

In addition Alex also offers a Dynamic Bike Fitting service, utilising his biomechanical understanding, first-hand experience as a cyclist and triathlete and further study, including the F.I.S.T. Institute in California; USA. This expertise brings a unique and individual approach to bike fitting and one that Alex is hugely passionate about.

AP10 has developed into a TEAM which has it’s base in Wollongong, but is spread across most states in Australia. AP10 has in the past 18 months has expanded to include Alex’s wife, Megan Price as a coach. Megan has extensive experience, including an Ironman triathlon and years of triathlon discussion with Alex!

AP10 Philosophy and Values

At the core of the AP10 approach is our “train smart, race fast” philosophy, which very simply explains our approach to coaching.   By coaching ‘smart’ about the hows, whys and whens of preparing for an event, each of our athletes has the best opportunity to race fast.

This philosophy is underpinned by our four key values, which are:

  • Consistency
  • Specificity – Every athlete is different, and has different goals.  Our passion for providing individualised training programs is to help you achieve success.
  • Education and cutting edge knowledge
  • Persistence

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Happy and safe training!

Alex Price

E: aprice10@hotmail.com

M: 0422365375

W: 4285 1725


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