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Mel’s National Qualifier

1500m Waratah meet at Sydney Olympic Park

Mel Witchard


My primary goal for this race was to run a qualifying time for the Australian Championships in April, something I have been working towards with Alex since we started working together just 18months ago. The time for this was sub 4:40, with my previous best prior to training with Alex being 4:44, so it meant a big improvement.


I was confident leading into this race as I have had strong performances in my last few races over 800m and was eager to give the 1500m a real shot. I knew I was going to have to lead the race out, as I was the fastest seed. This also means I needed to concentrate for the entire race, something that Alex and I have worked hard on recently. The area where we have done a lot of visualization and tailored training is to maintain consistency between laps, especially around lap 3, which was going to be vital to running a qualifying time for this race.


I had a good start building my pace over the first 150m to settle comfortably at race pace at the front of the pack leading through the first 300m. During the 2nd lap I focused on keeping my legs turning over quickly so I didn’t unintentionally drop speed. As I wasn’t sure of the distance I had made on the rest of the field I focused on thinking there was someone right behind me that would take my position if I slowed up.


I had a good start and ran strongly for the first 2 laps. I had a girl challenge me and over took me briefly in the 3rd lap, but I decided to then start to progress pace, which has also been a focus in training. I did this easily and managed to drop her. My focus was then to finish the race as strongly as possible. I found I was able to progress my pace again coming into the home straight much faster and stronger than I had all season in a personal best time.


It was a big win for me as not only did I come home in first place but got a pb, 4:38, a national qualifier and consistent lap splits in a race I essentially ran alone. I was shocked and elated with the race and the time and I cannot wait to race with some stronger runners. This sort of improvement has been the culmination of 18 months of hard work since I started working with Alex. Prior to then I had been injury prone for a long period of time. We then went back to basics and worked on getting strong and stable from the inside out, then on technique, then progressively running quicker and I have never ever felt better!


My next aim is to reduce that PB and I am aiming to run a qualifier for the 800m in the next few weeks. Prior to training with Alex the 2:12 qualifier for 800m seemed an impossible target, however I now only need to drop 1.5 secs!



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