Triathlon Coaching

Alex Price

Ever since studying Physiotherapy degree 13 years ago, Alex has had a special interest for biomechanics, the ‘ART’ of how people move. This, aligned with a passion for sports science and its application to the sport of triathlon, has gradually directed him to working with athletes of many levels, from Olympians to novice athletes.

Alex is based in Wollongong near Sydney and has been the NSWIS (NSW Institute of Sport) triathlon physiotherapist & strength and conditioner since 2008 and Elite Australian Triathlon Team physio for the past 5 years. This has given him the chance to be based in Europe for 2-3 months each year working with the Australian tri teams. This and other professional opportunities have given Alex an awesome opportunity to work alongside numerous world renowned coaches, giving further insight into the key elements that lead to performance and personal success.

Alex has also travelled to the USA several times to complete further study in the field of triathlon. This gave him the opportunity to work alongside some of the world leaders in the field:

  • He studied further in bike fitting (at slowtwitch in California)
  • run biomechanics
  • sports nutrition
  • and wind tunnel aerodynamics.

Alex has been coaching people in triathlon now for over 10 years, across a broad spectrum of distances and goals, from Ultra races to enticers and Elite to novice.


Alex Price

On a personal level, I have been racing triathlons for the past 12 years. I started doing them as an Aussie rules player, who could barely swim 50m and had never ridden a bike. During this time I have taught myself to become a competitive triathlete, through many mistakes, being exposed to different coaches and methods and much trial and error. Over the 12 years in the sport, I have raced all over the world; the U.K., Europe, America, Asia and all over Australia, with a personal best Ironman time of 9:10, winning my age group at Ironman and a bronze medal at the 2012 Long Course World Championships!

This broad experience has given me a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to progress in the sport, what works, what doesn’t and how to get the most improvement possible from the time you spend.

Over the past 6 years I have also had the opportunity to work as the Physiotherapist for the Elite Australian Triathlon team, which has been a fantastic opportunity to be exposed to the best athletes and coaches in the world. I have a large role in their strength and conditioning programs, as well as their Physiotherapy needs. Recently I traveled with the team as the Physiotherapist for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

This extensive professional understanding and education, coupled with broad coaching and racing experience, gives me a unique insight into each athlete as an individual and how to take them to the next level. I am passionate about bringing this level of understanding and experience to all athletes that I coach and all of those that are involved in the AP10 team!

Megan Price

Megan has been competing herself for 6 years in triathlon and 8 years in running races. She initially started competing in short fun runs and gradually built herself (with the help of husband Alex – which resulted in a few ‘debates’), up to running a marathon, which she never thought was possible. From there Megan started triathlon and did the same, building sprints to the Ironman in Port Macquarie! As a result of her experience of building through the ranks of what she initially thought she couldn’t, Megan is passionate about helping people step out of their comfort zone and seeing them reach their potential!

Megan worked as a primary teacher, but is currently on maternity leave following having her/our first child Ava in October 2014! Megan has a very supportive and nurturing way of helping people get the most out of themselves, whilst having a ball doing it!

Megan now has 5 years of coaching experience, seeing her athletes achieve things beyond what they thought possible!


Dave Williamson

Dave is very well educated in the field, having studied Exercise Physiology and his Certificate 4 in Fitness. He has a very wide level of experience with working with people and bringing out the best in them.

Dave also has an extensive personal level of experience in triathlon, having completed 5 Ironman’s (PB = 9:54) and many other triathlons. Dave is now based in Adelaide having originated from NSW, taking the AP10 name to SA!

Dave has worked with AP10, following a long friendship with Alex, since 2013. Since then Dave has developed an fantastic group of athletes in Adelaide and South Australia, which is now comprised of around 30 AP10 athletes! Dave has done an exceptional job of building the AP10 environment in South Australia, which we strongly believe is integral to the success of all athletes; honest hard work, attention to detail, a supportive atmosphere and also a lot of fun whilst getting it done!

Dave is passionate about combining his experience of working with people, his personal experience of racing and his further education to support you in exceeding your expectations, whilst maintaining a great balance for other aspects of life!


Melinda Witchard

Melinda Witchard has extensive personal running experience having being competing at an elite level for the past 12 years. Melinda has run at a national level on the track  from 800 to 5000m, as well as cross country events from 4 to 8kms, along with being competitive at the pointy end of funs runs across Australia. 

Melinda adds extensive education to her personal experience. Mel is a qualified Exercise Scientist with a degree from Wollongong University and has completed a Masters of Physiotherapy at Sydney University and now works as a physio in Wollongong.

Mel has been coaching for several years and has been coached by Alex for the past 5 years. He has been mentoring Mel, across the coaching/strength & conditioning/physio spectrum for this time also! Melinda is passionate about running loves to nurture other people’s enthusiasm. She is friendly, patient and passionate about others success.


James Davy

James has got a long history in the sport of triathlon, first starting as a kid in Wagga, where he quickly became one of the regions talents. James went on to hold a professional licence and has raced all over the globe, mostly in draft-legal triathlon. This experience he has gained through racing at the highest level, as well as training with some of the worlds best triathletes is unique and a very valuable addition to the AP10 Coaching Team.

James is highly educated, having qualified from the University of Wollongong with a degree in Sport Science. James has gone on to study his Bachelor in Physiotherapy in Canberra, where is currently nearing the end of the degree.

James still races at a high level, both in running and triathlon, where he holds some very impressive PB’s and performances across the board.

James has been a coach with AP10 since 2013 and has had a huge impact on the athletes he has coached, taking several to World Championship races with great performances.

James is a huge asset to the AP10 coaching team and is keen to continue to work with and develop athletes of all levels!

 Team AP10 


All of the coaches at AP10 have a very collaborative approach, we talk very regularly (especially Megan & Alex!), share ideas, experiences and education. We are very passionate about our TEAM mentality that we feel is so valuable in AP10. We nurture this AP10 team environment and we are passionate about the fact that the environment that is created is so much more powerful than just one coach instructing you what to do. Therefore, there are always plenty of laughs to be had with the group in between the hard work that is done!!!


AP10 Coaching Philosophy

We treat every athlete we coach as individuals, which is applied in many senses:

  • Time available and family/work commitments
  • Identifying and addressing each athletes strengths and limitations,
  • Current level of understanding
  • Techniques – swim, bike and run and then how best to progress each
  • Current level of overall health and diet/nutrition habits
  • Analysis of goals and commitment

We pay very close attention to 4 fundamentals of training, which include;

  1. Sport specific fitness
  2. Functional strength, mechanics & mobility
  3. Nutrition – daily and racing
  4. Recovery

Here at AP10, we pay equal attention to these 4 elements, as if any of them are out of balance it often leads to sickness, depleted immune systems, injuries and fatigue. All of which will lead to under performance on race day.

Each athlete is run through a musculoskeletal screening prior to starting training, to give both the athlete and the coach an excellent understanding of how they move and what they need to work on. An individualized home gym program is then implemented and is always a part of the weekly program. The athletes diet, both racing and daily is looked at closely, as are the methods of recovery used.

We pay a great deal of attention to athlete education, as the better you understand, the more you will enjoy the process of training and racing and also being a part of the ‘AP10 Team’. The coach and athlete relationship is very important to us and we aim to have athletes feel a part of the AP10 team and enjoy being on it! Therefore we place high importance on regular contact with all athletes, both by phone, email and face to face contact.

We also are very passionate about our level of education as coaches. We all have tertiary education in fields that directly influence our level of coaching expertise and are constantly up skilling in order to give the athlete the most up to date knowledge and skill set they can possibly have in the sport.

We are very aware there is a big difference between coaching individuals and writing programs for people. Here at AP10 we are very passionate about ‘coaching’ individuals!

We are also very passionate about creating a great TEAM environment, something that we place a great deal of importance on and that not only helps each team members motivation, but also helps with enjoyment of an otherwise individual sport!


Services & Rates

AP10 Coaching

A full coaching service, offering you a unique level of understanding, experience and service. This service is exactly that -Personalised and Thorough coaching, which will guide you to maximising your true potential. No stone will be left unturned.


$270 p/mth – Weekly Programming

$210 p/mth – Fortnightly Programming




$200 p/mth – Weekly Programming

$150 p/mth – Fortnightly Programming




$200 p/mth – Weekly Programming

$150 p/mth – Fortnightly Programming



$200 p/mth – Weekly Programming

$150 p/mth – Fortnightly Programming




$200 p/mth – Weekly Programming

$150 p/mth – Fortnightly Programming


Email Alex today if you have any questions or to get started: or


AP10 Consulting

This involves a comprehensive review of:

  • Your training approach
  • Your goals
  • Identifying areas of weakness or limiting factors
  • Educating you across a broad spectrum of areas
  • Setting a path and direction for your training, and
  • Supplying some key types of workouts to focus on

This is often good for athletes that enjoy the challenge of training them selves, but would like to take their education and performance to another level. It is either done via skype, phone or face to face if it is possible.

$100 per hour

AP10 has successful triathlon, Ironman, multisport, running, swimming, and cycling coaches based in Wollongong, Illawarra, Sydney, and Adelaide Australia. We offer Professional coaching facilities to triathletes. We have Womens specific groups and Elite level programs. Contact us today!