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A proper bike fit is about making a bike and its equipment come together with the rider and their abilities, limitations, and aspirations. Each person is unique and has a  different set combinations of flexibility, range of motion, history of injuries and comfort levels.  A good bike fit is one that measures and considers all of these before making any adjustments to the equipment.  Anything less is simply “bike sizing” .

  • Have you learned to live with numbness or soreness or feel that it just doesn’t feel right?
  • Want to improve your performance but its not happening as you would like?
  • Have had an injury either on or off the bike and want to reduce the stress on your body so you can ride more comfortably for longer?
  • Have had a quick “bike sizing” at a bike shop but still not happy?

A professional bike fit will help immensely in each of these areas.

All Appointments are claimable through private health insurance.

When I do a professional bike fit  you are assured specific adjustments are made to every changeable part of your bicycle, so that it’s perfectly optimised to your unique body geometry and form​. I have been fitting people to their bikes for over 12 years, after completing the world renowned F.I.S.T. course in California. I am passionate about getting people more comfortable on their bikes and performing at their best! 

  • A thorough biomechanical assessment is undertaken with each client prior to starting the fit, utilising my physiotherapy and strength and conditioning expertise, because we are all very individual on how we move.
  • I take into account each persons prior injuries and areas of discomfort and use this information to potentially influence the fit when applicable. 
  • Each person has differing goals, whether it be racing, leisure or fitness obviously directly influencing the fit 
  • I fit road, time trial, MTB and touring bikes, all being as vital as the other to get you comfortable and/or aerodynamic
  • I have comprehensive knowledge to provide each cyclist advice on what  they need to do to improve their individual strength, flexibility and mobility. This means YOU will be reducing risk of injury, be more comfortable and improve performance! This often involves giving the cyclist exercises or advice on technique,  areas which are sometimes easily overlooked
  • I have a in depth knowledge of all cycling equipment to be able to advise you of any need you may have.

A post bike fit check in is included in all fits, to make sure everything is 100%!


  • Your bike
  • The clothing you typically wear while riding
  • Your shoes and any other applicable equipment 

Perfecting Technique and making you the best you can be.

All movement starts with technique. No matter what activity or training you’re performing without proper technique you will only reach so far. AP10 trains at all aspects of your technique to ensure that 

  • The best and most efficient technique is being followed.
  • The movement is at very little risk to your body.
  • The benefits of training are maximised.
  • Ensuring correct form is followed even through fatigue.