Performance Articles — 31 May 2011
Definition of Insanity

Doing the same thing twice and expecting a different result.

Why am I mentioning this you ask?

Well the weather is getting colder, the rain is starting to come down and that means that race season has pretty much passed for most of us. What do you do now?

Recover? Keep training? Set goals? Put the feet up?

No doubt many of us would be doing one or all of these in varying proportions. I bet the majority of us are looking forward to next season and thinking that we want to get faster and improve on last season.

I know so many people who are in this boat, but in my eyes very few of them are going about it the right way.

Most are continuing their training and unfortunately, doing the same thing as they did last year….

  • Training at the same intensity
  • Training on the same routes
  • Not working on improving technique, strength or flexibility (VITAL)

They then expect to go faster next year… ie. They expect a different result. Insane? Maybe quite a strong adjective for this, but it makes sense.

So, now that winter is here, take the time to sit down and work out how you can do things better. Do you need someone to film your swim stroke to become more efficient in the water? Do you need to work on your hill climbing on the bike? Is your nutrition an area that could improve?

Sit down and be critical of yourself. Really take the time to sit back.  Find and write down every little weakness and figure out how you are going to make it your strength. This is the best way to ‘break through’ performance, to ensure your weaknesses of the past do not continue to hold you back.

I bet you will be surprised with the outcome. It will lead to a more directed and goal orientated you. You will make every session count when you are working on something in particular. And most of all, you are doing something different. Something that has a direct purpose to improving your performance.

I have used the example of triathlon and training in this instance. This is however a way that I look to improve other areas of my life; professionally, personally and athletically. It is a great way to be thoughtful in your everyday life, rather than just living without direction. If something is holding you back, recognize it and then work at changing it!

Train, work and live smarter, not just harder!


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