Miscellaneous — 27 December 2010

It was so exciting to have a Triathlon in Wollongong, something that many people, including myself, have been eagerly awaiting for years! Great work from Emo and the Elite Energy crew for getting it started, as I know from chatting behind the scenes, how much hard work went into the inaugural race.
What a pleasant thing it was to just put the race gear in my back pack and wheel my bike around the corner fo the race, rather than driving hours, which I have recently been getting used to!
The draft legal Pro Tour started first, with a great line up. I had been working with a small group of Talent ID’ed kids the day before designing and progressing their Physio and Strength & Conditioning programs, so it was great to see these 3 in action.
The men’s start was a hectic one, probably one of the most intense I have been in, as everyone was vying for some open water, it was rough, but fun none the less!
Unfortunately we then swam over some of the gal’s who had started just in front of us, this would have been pretty scarey for some of them I guess.
I got on the bike in a good position, I think 3rd or 4th overall and put the head down hard. I haven’t been doing any high intensity training at all, so this was a bit of a shock to the system and different kind of racing to halfs where you always hold back.
I rode into 2nd by the first turn around, with strong cyclist Matt Williams just up the road. There was a green group of 3 riding about half a minute back at the first turn and I knew I had to put the head down if they were together…..
I didn’t manage to catch Matt by the end of the bike, but put some time into the Green Team. It was great having so many supporters along the way, most of them stirring me up, but any support is good support!
I could see Matt in front of me, but calculated he was about 1min up, so I knew I had my work cut out…. I was closing at the turn around and managed to catch him just past Diggies on the way back the finish. From there I just kept the head down and worked really hard until the finish.
It was so nice to have a win in my home race and with some great support.
Thanks must go to Emo and his team, all the supporters and sponsors of the race and to my supporters K-Swiss, Token, Cobb Cycling and Compressport and all the supporters at the race. I think this will continue to grow and I can’t wait to race at home again!!

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