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Swim Technique Explained

Welcome to the first official AP10 technique and analysis course. This will be an intimate session where you will discover some of the elusive art of swimming faster and more efficiently. It will be a very small group of 8, which will maximise the individual nature of the information and learning.

Have you ever wondered:

  • How do I improve my technique?
  • What drill’s should I be doing?
  • Is there another way to swimming faster than just swimming faster?
  • Why don’t I get faster when I’m pushing harder?
  • How do I conquer the Open Water?

This course is suitable for anyone who can swim 100m continuously to the advanced swimmer. Alex has years of experience coaching and correcting all levels!

This course will be divided into 2 components:


  • The Basics Of The Freestyle Stroke. No matter your level or background, the information we provide will be beneficial to all levels of swimmer.
  • Develop/Improve Open Water Skills – Learn to conquer those fears and get the the best result on race day


  • Filming of your Stroke – this will be both above and below the water. From this you will be given key elements to focus on and individual drills to enhance your development. You will also be given the footage, to give you a great point of reference and feedback of your technique. It will also act as a great reassessment tool for the future
  • Drill and ‘Focus Point’ Direction – This will be given and implemented individually based on your technique
  • Stretching and Strengthening – Being an experienced physiotherapist, Alex will give you a comprehensive run down of the key elements to focus on out of the water to enhance performance and reduce injury risk

What you will get:

  • A comprehensive video of your current swim stoke and technique
  • A strategised plan of how to improve your freestyle technique and how to put that improved technique into action
  • An AP10 t-shirt
  • Valuable information which will help you to train more efficiently and to race in the Open Water with more confidence


  • $120 – 3-4hrs course


  • Saturday 4th June 2011 – 9am-12noon


  • URAC – University of Wollongong

How to book:


Remember, this valuable course is strictly limited to 8 people so hurry to secure your spot!

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