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  • Triathlon

  • Running

  • Cycling

  • Strength and Conditioning  

I have been a passionate coach for 15 years, working with anyone from professionals to those that are brand new to sport. 

I have  a unique combination of formal education in physiotherapy, as “performance level”  coach with Triathlon Australia, setting strength and conditioning training programs for elite athletes, technique analysis and physiology, allowing me to identify how each individual can best improve. 

I also pay very close attention to how each persons lives and how best the goals in sport can fit and enhance their life, rather than detract from it ,such as making them over tired or neglecting their work or families. Because let’s face it, very few of us are professional athletes with no external pressures! 

I have raced at an elite level myself, completing 15 Ironman triathlons and countless other triathlons and cycle/run races! So I know the in’s and out’s of the sport personally. I also know what it is like as a beginner! I grew up on a farm in country South Australia and was frankly pretty average at the sport when I started! When it took almost 50min to complete a 1500m swim in my first race, I certainly had some work to do!

I work with everyone from kids, elites, people with a disability and weekend warriors and have a desire to find out what makes each and every person ‘tick’! 

A quality coach takes out the guess work, the daily trawling of the net, the uncertainty of what you should and shouldn’t do!

Please reach out and have a chat and see how I might be able to help you achieve you goals! 


Fortnightly Coaching: This is where I deliver a program for a week that is repeated for the two weeks. 
$240 per month
Weekly Coaching: Where your program is updated for each week and changed accordingly
$270 per month

With both options I am fully contactable and monitoring sessions as they are completed to work alongside you to achieve your goals