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Welcoming AP10′s Run Coach Mel Witchard!

We have been working on this for a long time and are excited to announce Mel Witchard as AP10′s newest coach! Mel is very familiar to the AP10 group, having been coached by Alex for the past 5 years and working with him as a physio at Phytness Healthcare.

At AP10 we have been largely triathlon specific, but have always coached a stable of keen runners, anywhere from track 800m to Ultra-Marathons. Mel will be our “Run Specific” coach as we look to expand this arm of AP10. All coaches and athletes within AP10 work off the same ethos of; education, individuality, specificity, passion and we are very big on the team environment of the group.

All at AP10 would like to welcome Mel as a coach, who also brings the knowledge of a physio and exercise scientist to the group!

An excerpt from the ‘Coaches Page’:

Melinda Witchard has extensive personal running experience having being competing at an elite level for the past 12 years. Melinda has run at a national level on the track  from 800 to 5000m, as well as cross country events from 4 to 8kms. Mel also competitive at the pointy end of funs runs across Australia. 

Melinda adds extensive education to her personal experience. Mel is a qualified Exercise Scientist with a degree from Wollongong University and has a Masters of Physiotherapy from Sydney University. She now works as a physiotherapist with Alex at Phytness Healthcare. 

Mel has been coaching for several years and has been coached by Alex for the past 5 years. He has been mentoring Mel, across the coaching/strength & conditioning/physio spectrum for this time! Melinda is passionate about running loves to nurture other people’s enthusiasm. She is friendly, patient and passionate about others success. 



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