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Team Environment

Since day when of starting AP10 one of the key elements I have strived to achieve in the team (even when it was only 3 people) is an excellent ENVIRONMENT. AP10 is now 60+ athletes strong, spread across Australia and even though we don’t all train with people all the time, a hard working team environment is something that we nurture as it transcends across the team to motivate each and every member during sessions and in races.

I think that the environment that is created by a team is fundamental part of how successful it’s individuals are, especially in triathlon when on race day it is a solitary pursuit of racing from start to finish.

Some of the key areas of a successful performance environment that I have observed from teams across the world, especially in triathlon and also the values that I continually reinforce and nurture in AP10 include;

– Honest hard work

– Integrity

– Consistency

– Positivity

– Attention to detail

– Trust

– Patience

– High level of daily application

If a group of people can really nail this, it creates a very motivating, supportive and healthily competitive team environment. This often enables athletes to achieve far above what they ever thought possible and typically far more than they would have if they tried to go alone.

As an example, this morning at our AP10 run squad in Wollongong we had a full team of our 30+ athletes turn up, even though it was absolutely torrential rain. No one person made an excuse because of the weather because it is not part of the team environment and never has or will be.

I often observe athletes focusing on the “1%’ers” of triathlon, without having the other 99% things that actually make a significant difference to performance nailed, therefore wasting a lot of time and energy in the wrong areas! One of these areas is the environment that you surround yourself with!

One of my favourite quote is:

“When surrounded by commitment, success is inevitable” – Couldn’t be more true!


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