Blog — 19 November 2012
Shepparton and ITC Teams Tri!

It was a great weekend in the AP10 clan, with athletes racing in Shepparton 70.3 and up at the ITC teams triathlon.

Dom Whitbourne and David Marks travelled over from SA to Shepparton to compete in the 70.3. Dom has an amazing story. She has turned herself from a Mum of 3 house wife, who was very foreign to the concept of exercise, to someone that lives and breathes triathlon, whilst maintaining full time work and family. Dom used to be 130kg’s and smoke a packet of cigarettes a day. On Sunday she raced Shepparton at 64kg’s. This is a simply amazing story of someone turning their life around and should be an inspiration to many who think it is all beyond them.

Dom had a great day, exceeding her dreams for the day. She finished 16th in her catagory – 35-39 and was over the moon. Before she found out times and places, Dom said “I couldn’t be any happier. I left no stone unturned in training and left absolutely everything on the course”.

David struggled with cramps through the swim and run, but managed to get the job done and is looking forward to tackling the next goal after the recovery from this! Both Dom and David hail from Victor Harbor in South Australia and have both signed up for Ironman Melbourne in March.

In NSW, the AP10 crew decided to have some fun and race the Illawarra Tri Club temas event. In all, there were 7 AP10 teams that raced and it was fantastic to see so many kits representing. It was even more pleasing to be a part of the atmosphere that the group has, a very inviting and friendly environment, that all like to work hard, but also support each other in all facets.

In the race, AP10 teams took out 3 of the 4 categories. The Men’s overall went to Shane Barrie (swim), Alex Price (bike) and Dave Mainwearing (run). The corporate group went to Ed Birchall, Michael Perry and Paul Wiedersehn, while the women’s overall went to Lauren Hargraves, Kellie Ridges and Mel Witchard.

All in all, a fantastic weekend. In the coming weeks the team are racing all over. Justin and Michele in Wagga, Kellie at Busso IM for her first long one, then David Mainwearing, Alex, Ed and Simone down in Canberra.  Let the good times roll on!

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