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‘Run Technique Explained’ course with MyVibe Fitness!

Last weekend I travelled down to Kiama to hold an AP10 ‘Run Technique Explained’ course in conjunction with MyVibe Fitness, a personal training business run by Gary Hooper.

I had previously  met Gary when working at the Craig Alexander triathlon camp and Gary decided to organise this course to help his clients and others who were interested in it. Gary also incorporated a nutitional element to the day, getting Rebecca McPhee, a very experienced dietician to talk on performance nutrition for the day. Gary limited the number at the course to 12, giving everyone a personalised approach and plenty of one on one time.

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In these courses, which I have presented regularly, I speak about the below topics and many others;
  • Running anatomy
  • Correct and incorrect running posture
  • Explain the importance of such areas as cadence, lean and foot landing
  • Stretching and strengthening specifically for running
  • How to maximise the potential to stay injury free
  • The perfect warm up and cool down, including drills to improve your run
  • Recovery – how and why
  • Dispell many myths surrounding things like treadmills, forefoot/barefoot running etc
  • Examples of key run sessions

I then take the everyone out to the oval and film each persons run form. This footage is then used to show the athlete where they need to improve and how. Each person then gets the footage to take home and view again, along with written information of how to improve! While I do this, Megan – my wife and fellow coach at AP10, took the rest of the group through an ideal warm up, dynamic stretch and drill session.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, with a very motivated and fun bunch of people. A big thank you to Gary and the MyVibe team for organising such a fantastic day! A special mention to Kerrie Oliver of Lloyd told George for the excellent photos! and to Megan for her huge help as always!

If you think this sort of course and information may benefit you or your group, please contact me. This information can also be done on an individual basis and is claimable with private health cover! – physiotherapy consult


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