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Run Technique Explained Course travels to Adelaide!

This comprehensive course, based on years of racing,  training and coaching experience, physiotherapy knowledge and working with the worlds best athletes and coaches, will have you:

  • Running more efficiently
  • Reduce your injury risk
  • Learn how to train well and consistently
  • Identify ‘WHAT’ you need to improve on as an individual and ‘HOW’ to do it!

Drawing on many years of training, racing and coaching experience, physiotherapy knowledge and working with the countries and worlds best athletes and coaches, Alex Price and the the AP10 team will share key elements that will help you run better and faster!

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You’ll learn about the following areas, plus many others;

  • Running anatomy
  • Correct and incorrect running posture
  • Explain the importance of such areas as cadence, lean and foot landing
  • Stretching and strengthening specifically for running
  • How to maximise the potential to stay injury free
  • The perfect warm up and cool down, including drills to improve your run
  • Recovery – how and why
  • Dispell many myths surrounding things like treadmills, forefoot/barefoot running etc
  • Examples of key run sessions

Additionally, Alex will identify ‘WHAT’ it is you need to develop as an individual and ‘HOW’ to do it in order to become a better runner. This is one of the key elements of the course, as each runner is individual and needs to develop in different ways in order to improve. Alex uses years of experience from working with runners, along with his biomechanical knowledge of being a Sports Physiotherapist to determine what it is that YOU need to work on!

The course will run for 4 hours which includes theory and practical components. There will be an AM and a PM course on the same day.  There will be plenty of time to ask questions throughout the day!

DATES: 21st December – Adelaide – 2 course being held
TIME: 8am – 12pm  & 1:30pm – 5:30pm
PLACE: Adelaide Triathlon Club clubrooms – Hutt St, City
COST: $120


Book asap – email Alex Price at

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