Blog — 01 October 2014
Partnership with TORQ Nutrition

I am very excited to announce a personal sponsorship and working relationship with TORQ Nutrition Australia, who have also partnered with AP10 and it’s members!

TORQ is a product I have been choosing to use for a long while now, following on from my own research onto what makes the ideal racing and training products. The thought that “all nutrition is the same” couldn’t be further from the truth! Without going into it too much in this post, it is the type and percentages of the sugars in the product (maltodextrin:fructose – 2:1) that makes the biggest difference in my eyes, as this delivers our gut with the best possible ratio for absorption! 

For those that are interested in reading more:

The company has developed their products by following reputable literature, which as they company puts it; “is completely independent of TORQ and is drawn directly from reputable Sports Science Journals, to make sure the information is legitimate in every way”.

This attention to detail has given and will continue to give me the confidence in my own nutrition during training and racing and also confidence that I am recommending the best possible product to the athletes that are in the AP10 team! I look forward to a great partnership with some excellent results!


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