Blog Courses — 04 December 2013
AP10 Open Water Swim Course!

Last Saturday AP10 held the first Open Water Swimming Explained course, which is an extension of the Swim Technique Explained course that has been well attended in the past.

With open water swimming being one of the areas that commonly creates apprehension and anxiety in triathlon, the course was designed to help athletes improve their knowledge and skill in the uncontrolled environment of open water. The course also was designed to expel many myths that surround ocean swimming, giving athletes a clear and consice knowledge of how to maximise their abilities.

Alex and the AP10 team of Megan and James Davey – who has newly come on board as an AP10 coach, took the full course quota of 15 athletes through a theory component which covered areas such as;

  • Key areas of swim technique
  • Drag/propulsion
  • Sighting, turning, drafting and navigating currents, chop, waves and people!
  • Reducing anxiety and controlling your thoughts and nerves (a big area for many!)
  • Race day – starts, navigation, exit
  • How to practice in a pool and open water, plus many others!

The group then all headed down to the Wollongong harbour to go through the practical session, going through

  • Wetsuit application and removal
  • Technique correction
  • Sighting, turns and drafting practice
  • Deep water and beach starts
  • Exiting and other tips of managing anxiety and nerves!

The weather was very kind to us, being a perfect day down at the harbour!

A big thank you to all course attendees! Also to The AquaShop and Dextro for their ongoing support!
There will be another Open Water Swimming Explained course soon, to register your interest please email Alex –


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