Blog — 30 April 2014
Mental Preparation

This is one of my favourite paragraphs about what I truly believe is the most important part of being successful in both triathlon, sport and other parts of life – Mental Preparation.

Having a strong, determined and resolute state of mind is what ultimately drives all things physical. It is what gets us up and going. It is what drives us to improve and to not quit when things don’t work out.  It is the base with which our physical preparation is built on.

Surround yourself with people that inspire and motivate you, read and watch books and documentaries that help and identify strengths and weaknesses and act on them! And most of all – decide what you want and why! Write this down and remind yourself of it daily!

Mental Preparation

“Physical dominance can make you great. Mental dominance is what ultimately makes you unstoppable.

You will never have a more powerful training tool than this: get your mind strong, so your body can follow. The true measure of an individual is determined by what you can’t measure – the intangibles. Anyone can measure weight, height, physical strength, speed…but you can’t measure commitment, persistence, or the instinctive power of the muscle in your chest, your heart. That’s where your true work begins: understanding what you want to achieve and knowing what you’re willing to endure to get it.”

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