Blog — 15 April 2013
Lessons from Adam Scott!

I am definitely not a golfer… And not a huge fan either, but I AM a huge fan of performance and what it takes to really achieve high performance.

Todays win at the US Masters by Adam Scott, the first by an Aussie, was truly amazing. The exhalation that he showed when his putt dropped in today was no doubt some relief from the victory, after being runner-up there before and also from the pressure of such a huge moment being lifted off in a positive way. The other part of the celebration was no doubt the release of joy after over 20 years of consistent and hard work.

We see winners at the top of their games win championships, but what we don’t often think about is that they weren’t always there. They spent years and years at the bottom of the tree, clawing their way up, centimeter by centimeter.

Who would know how many balls he has hit over those years. Millions. And today he only won by less than a centimeter, after Angel Cabrera missed his last putt. Just.

So, every day he stayed out there on the green to perfect every bit of his game just payed off. In golf it is really obvious on days like this that the “1%” pay off, but in other sports they are not quite as clear, especially in triathlon. But they are no less important!

So, every time you think that that last bit of training or preparation doesn’t count. Think again.

And every time you don’t back yourself or question what you can accomplish, stop! Instead turn it into hard and directed work in the direction that you want to achieve .. You may just be surprised!

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