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This issues 220 Magazine Article – “PILLARS OF STRENGTH”

While I have been writing for 220 Triathlon Magazine for two years now, this is the article I am the most proud of! Editor Trent decided that he wanted to do a large feature article on Strength and Conditioning for Triathlon, specifically focused on the work I do with the Wollongong Wizards.

Trent followed us around for a day, while I reviewed and updated their Strength and Conditioning programs. This review and progression is done several times a year to ensure all athletes are working on EXACTLY what they need to be at that specific time of the year and also that their programs are progressive and challenging.

Trent spent most time with me and therefore the article is focused around the following athletes;

  • Aaron RoyleUnder 23 world Champion and now future Rio Olympian,
  • Gwen Jorgensen – World Champion and soon to be dual Olympian,
  • Ryan Bailie - Currently ranked 6th in the world!

I have a great space set up for Triathlon Specific gym work out the back of our house here in Wollongong, which is used most days by various athletes, including these guys. Ava, our 10 month old daughter is growing up getting to know a lot of different people and often ‘helps’ with the work!

The article is set up by reviewing the importance of strength and stability for the triathlete, of ALL levels, how to ideally incorporate a routine into a training weekly program and how to make your routine SPECIFIC to triathlon – which is probably the number one mistake I see athletes making, thus wasting their time and energy!

It then goes into WHAT each of the three above athletes focus on in their routines and WHY. The article also outlines three key exercises each athlete includes in their routine!

Check it out and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

or 0422 365 375

Quotes from the athletes in the articles;

“Alex has introduced and developed a comprehensive strength and conditioning program specifically for me, which is built around key areas associated with movement patterns in triathlon. I’ve been pretty fortunate with injuries over the years; I haven’t had anything that has kept me out for an extended period of time. I think this is because Alex’s planning and programs are proactive rather than reactive – identifying weaknesses before they become problems, and they help to improve my performance at the same time”Aaron Royle


“I have found that specific strengthening work is very important to injury prevention and performance. The work I have done with Alex over the years has enabled me to gain strength and work on flaws to become a stronger athlete and hold that ‘perfect form’ under fatigue. I have worked with him since moving to Wollongong (in 2009) and he has kept me on the training and race track consistently, and helped me progress in becoming a stronger, more rounded athlete.”Ryan Bailie

“I view strength and conditioning as medicine. I need to take my medicine daily to be strong and healthy and performing at my best!” - Gwen Jorgensen

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