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Early Winter and Wind Trainer Sets

With the weather being less than favourable here in NSW recently, many of us have been driven inside to get some of our bike riding done.

With many of us having a love hate relationship with the good ol’ wind trainer, there is no doubt that if done correctly and with a direct plan, it can be one of the most valuable tools that we can own. A trainer can often mean getting some QUALITY (which is the corner stone behind any training plan, rather than mindless QUANTITY that we often see) training done, when you other wise would be creeping along a wet or dark road, with minimal training adaption taking place.

However, it can also be pretty darn boring. Some great ways to over come this are;

  • Have a written out plan prior to starting – this will help with keeping it as SPECIFIC as possible and it will also help motivation
  • Have music and/or the TV on, not to switch off and watch a movie, but as a distraction

Something that I consider strongly when writing my athletes trainer sessions, is not only identifying their strengths and weaknesses on the bike, but also the specific ‘A’ race they are training for. This helps to make their sessions as specific as possible and make sure they are getting the ‘Most out of the least’.

An example of this could be training for the Illawarra Tri Club races, in which their is a hill that you go up and down 6 times. A trainer session may look something like:


20min Warm Up – including drills

5 x (1min hard/1min easy) – to further warm up

6 x (3min in a hard gear {like going up the hill}/2min in a slightly easier gear, but pushing hard/1min rest)

10min warm down


This would be an excellent trainer session for this race.

I will continue to post my favourite session of the week on AP10, so please keep checking back, it will help to keep things varied and fun!

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