Blog — 15 December 2015
Some good news from Callala!!

On a personal racing note, 2015 has definitely been one to learn from and then forget, but finally after plenty of setbacks and hard ‘yacka’ some good news to report!

2015 saw me train for two Ironman’s – Melbourne and Kona and on both occasions I got an injury inside the last month, meaning I couldn’t race! Which was certainly very tricky to deal with!

As I always encourage my athletes to do, I used these periods as reflection and to learn about what I need to improve, change and focused on what I could do – swim, bike and strength and conditioning work and plenty of all three!

I have been very gradually easing back into running now for 4 weeks, albeit quite lightly! Given I felt it was safe to do without risk of reinjury, I decided to head down to Callala – (with 20+ of the AP10 team!) to have a little hit out and test the swim and bike fitness at least!

I love the Elite Energy Callala race, the beach swim, honest bike course and location make it an awesome spot to race!

The swim was quite straight forward and I came out in the lead group of four. I decided to ride quite strong and felt quite good on the bike, finishing with a 300watt average, which was nice to see at this time of the season. The course is one the undulates constantly, so the work we have been doing as a team with hill rep’s and time trial’ing off them was perfect for this sort of course.

I knew I had a bit of a lead heading out onto the run and my plan was always to ease back in the run in order to make sure my past foot injury didn’t stir up at all!

In the end I was pleased to take the overall win, but far more pleased with how I felt during and after the race! This has got me very excited to ‘roll the sleeves up’ and get into the prep for Husky LC, Wollongong OD then Ironman Australia, which I am super excited to race again! I will also head over to do the Barcelona Ironman later in the year.

It was a fantastic weekend for the whole AP10 team, with 20+ of the team racing and some great results including;

3 overall race winners, a 2nd place overall and 13 podiums! The whole team has been working very consistently and it certainly showed on the weekend!!

A huge thanks to my wife Megan, who is always an amazing support especially when things don’t go to plan! Also very privileged to have the ongoing support of Torq Australia, Champion System, Aqua Shop + Blue Seventy, Skin Strong, Titan Performance Group and Caden Wheels – amazing companies, products and people!



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