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Berry Training Camp

As a way to do some very solid training, get the team together, have a few laughs and also to hold some education sessions, we decided to hold a mid winter training camp in Berry.

With over 20 athletes from all over, including South Australia, the highlands and Sydney, we rented 2 big houses with everyone headed down on the Friday afternoon after a short technique based swim for some in Wollongong. We had a group cooked dinner, after a small ‘issue’ with the poorly cleaned BBQ causing a bit of a situation!

An early night was hard with an awesome stage in Le Tour on TV, but everyone knew after a few diagrams and an explanation of the next days training that it was vital to shut it down!

Saturday’s ride was the highlight of the weekends training, with the team splitting into 3 groups, all riding the same course, so we could meet for coffee, but just slightly varied distances. The ride took us up over Berry Mountain (with the front group warming up on it twice after Shane Barrie broke a spoke at the top!). We then headed through Kangaroo Valley, up Barrengarry mountain to Robertson. This included a good coffee sit, followed by some TT efforts to warm up to Macquarie Pass, then turning back and heading back through the Valley and up Cambewarra mountain to finish off!

While I explained the ride the night before, I didn’t go into specifics regarding the gradients and lengths of the mountains, which left it as a ‘surprise’ for most – which along with the jokes helped to keep everyone guessing when they were getting pretty tired. These are the sort of rides that really stimulate the body to get stronger and everyone will reap the rewards of a tough day in the coming weeks.

After a good solid feed – thanks Sam and Gaz for preparing- and the 2 Nespresso machines getting a work out, we headed to Bomaderry pool for a swim. It is a fantastic complex and we used the indoor 25m and went through a technique based swim, with with plenty of explanation and discussion, along with everyone getting to see how Shane Barrie makes it look effortless. We went through common misunderstandings of open water swimming, including how small the role the kick plays in open water, stroke rating and it’s variation and the initial catch.

We then headed to Berry hotel for a well earned meal and everyone had a much needed early night!

Sunday morning saw an aerobic interval run at the Berry oval. Prior to this we went through a ideal warm up, which included – warm up jog, dynamic stretches, muscle activation and strides. This was a great opportunity for me to make technique changes with everyone, as they were all running around the same oval. These sessions are perfect for really pushing that aerobic threshold up, with running too hard and introducing unwanted fatigue.

Throughout the weekend we had several discussions and explanation sessions. These ranged from  anaerobic Vs aerobic training and the misconceptions, how to improve AP10, coffee plunger and onion analogies to training, run and swim technique, run shoes and styles and what the key focus areas are, amongst many others!

It was a great chance to have everyone together and really focus on the Team environment that is the backbone behind the AP10 group and ethos.

Thanks to all for an awesome weekend and now to plan for the next one!

A few thoughts from the group following the weekend:


“I think the winner was really a deepening sense of family amongst the Crew. Lots of good laughs and sharing of ideas. I get a lot out of hearing what people have to say, what they have experienced and what they have learned along the way. Life is too short to learn all of the lessons yourself!” – Sammi Bowden


“Thank you for an awesome weekend.  Onion rings and coffee plungers were brought to life this weekend…  all the training tips and background to why we do things and why we train like we do really helps it for it to all make sense.  Now it is time to stop using the plunger as a training tool and use it to make good coffee in!

Great to go away and get to know the team!  Bring on the next one! Thanks again. Lauren aka Banger”


“Cold, rain, wind, hills, broken wheels…… what doesn’t kill ya only makes ya stronger!” – Justin, aka The Greyhound


“Good work to Bazz on popping that spoke, the extra journey up Berry Mountain is just what the lungs needed at the start of that epic ride!
Massive thanks again Pricey for the weekend and to the whole AP10 team for their hospitality, a great friendly and motivated bunch of people. We had a blast.” – Dan and Anna Kelly – all the way from SA for the weekend
“A big thanks to you both for organising, and running such a great weekend.
I think, to date, Saturdays ride would have been one of the most challenging I have done. I finished the ride with an incredible sense of achievement. I do love a challenge! I have returned home with plenty of things to think about and utilise! Thanks again for a stimulation and challenging weekend!” – Michele and Vince Roche

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