Blog — 21 June 2012
AP10 & Triathlon 220 Magazine

In the months leading up to Ironman Australia 2012 Alex was approached by Triathlon 220 magazine to follow him on his journey through the ups and downs that is involved in a successful IM campaign. The idea was to capture the experiences three athletes; a novice, an average age group athlete and an elite age group athlete.  220 ran three consecutive issues of their magazine, catching up with Alex in each issue at different stages along the way. This culminated in the most recent issue featuring Alex front and centre with a full page spread of his finisher photo and a full page analysis of his performance. Grab yourself a copy today! We are looking forward to the potential for some more exciting collaborations with this great magazine.

From a personal note, it was a very proud moment to see the brand that Alex and I have worked so hard on building, up in lights and representing AP10, who were there in force on the day, in the leading triathlon magazine in Australia…. Just the tip of the iceberg moving forward!

Check out Alex’s spread below! Massive effort by Alex and the rest of the AP10 team… couldn’t have been happier for him!

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