Blog — 21 January 2012
AP10 Coaching Services with Alex announced

Ever since studying Physiotherapy degree 10 years ago, Alex has had a special interest for biomechanics, the ‘ART’ of how people move. This, aligned with a passion for sports science and its application to the sport of triathlon, has gradually directed him to working with athletes of many levels, from Olympians to novice athletes.

Alex has been the NSWIS (NSW Institute of Sport) triathlon physiotherapist & strength and conditioner since 2008 and last year was given the job to also work as the A.I.S. triathlon team physio, which gave him the chance to be based in Europe for 3 months with the NSWIS and AIS tri teams. This and other professional opportunities have given Alex an awesome opportunity to work alongside numerous coaches, many of which are world renowned, giving further insight into the key elements that lead to performance and personal success.

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Alex has also travelled to the USA several times to complete further study in the field of triathlon. This gave him the opportunity to work alongside some of the world leaders in the field:

  • He studied further in bike fitting (at slowtwitch in California)
  • run biomechanics
  • sports nutrition
  • and wind tunnel aerodynamics.

Alex has been coaching people in triathlon now for over 8 years, across a broad spectrum of distances and goals, from Ultra races to enticers and Elite to novice.

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