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AP10 at the Dextro Sydney Olympic Race!!

Last weekend was a huge weekend of triathlon in Sydney city, with the “Grand – Slam” of the triathlon world, the World Championship Series race on the Saturday and the Age Group race on the Sunday. The age group race was over an awesome course, which included swimming towards the Opera House and Harbor Bridge as the sun was rising and riding over the Harbor Bridge 3 times on the bike.

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AP10 athletes and 2 lucky winners of the Dextro/AP10 competition were given free entry to the event, with great thanks to the Dextro Energy Team! It was an awesome opportunity for the group to show off the colours and have a few laughs, all while doing one of the most iconic races in the world! Each athlete has given their quick run down of how their day went below:

Josh Hamman 

After winning an entry into the Dextro Sydney Triathlon courtesy of AP10 in February, it was time to get down to business. Training solidly, through February March and April, I was looking forward to taking on the challenging and scenic course in the big smoke.

Including the said won entry, many things went my way on race day, including unbelievable weather and a great support crew. The course was out of this world, whilst breathing to the right the opera house, centrepoint tower and the botanic gardens were common views.

Screaming  through the city way over the speed limit on the TT was awesome, including 3 trips over the Harbour bridge. Finishing the run in front of St Mary’s cathderal to a chorus of bells capped off a memorable morning with over 2000 other athletes.

I always love racing, but this was just a bit special. Thanks again to AP10 and Dextro for the event entry and Alex for all your help throughout the season.

Racing through Sydney city – tick!

Shanon Spargo

Wow – Sydney!!
Definitely the most scenic, iconic & enjoyable race I have ever done……..
Firstly, a big thank you to Dextro & AP10 for the entry!  What an awesome day!
Everything went to plan & it was great to see all the AP10 guys and girls racing in the streets of Sydney.
I couldn’t have asked for a better day of racing and to be feeling very fit, with Ironman only a couple of weeks away, was a highlight!

Simone Campbell

Thank you Alex for providing me with the opportunity to experience such an exciting race.  The weather was perfect for me.. Although the swim leg wasn’t my best, the bike and run went really well and saw me finish one of my best races.

I do have to confess the little mistake I made… the view leading up to the top of the Harbour Bridge was so nice that I decided to hydrate with the perfect mix of Dextro carbo mineral drink and gels only to drop it as I was putting it away… I couldn’t believe it! First lap of the bike leg with 30km to go and only 700ml of water left on my bike.  Luckily I packed 2 extra gels in my race belt which was enough to pull me through.  Putting the gels in the carbo drink was a great plan but in reality if I didn’t pack the other gels I’m not sure if I would have gone into the run as strong as I did. Lesson learned “if you’re, clumsy pack extra, the 100g extra weight is worth it”!

On a serious note, the extra training sessions I have been doing with Alex and the group have helped me no end with my preparation in both fitness, nutrition and understanding leading up to the event. I look forward to continuing this routine for my last race of the season, Port Stephens in May.

Thanks again Alex’s for your ongoing support, training and encouragement.

Michele Roche

With much anticipation and loads of training with Alex, I was looking forwards to competing in my first Olympic Distance Triathlon. Unfortunately 2 days prior I got a gastro bug, so without being too graphic it was carb unloading rather carb loading. I had not been able to eat for two days before the race. Woken by the alarm at 4 45am and a night of minimal sleep I was so tempted to ignore it. The thought of turning my back on the opportunity to compete in a Triathlon in one of the most beautiful cities of world got me out of bed. While I walked to transition, one young lady was writing motivational messages on her hand “I can do it”, I then saw a young man ….. who I won’t name….  had left his bike shoes in his hotel room. I thought, well at least I didn’t do that!

I wanted to do the swim – if I felt I had to withdraw after this at least I had started. Swimming felt good and I was then excited to riding across the Harbour Bridge so couldn’t withdraw yet. This was a spectacular ride though it is not until you ride a bike that you appreciate the incline onto the bridge from either direction.

With those two phases under my belt, I was 2/3 of the way there, I couldn’t withdraw now!! As I started the second lap of the run I was feeling quite depleted and experiencing abdominal cramps – stomach bug or too many gels – the teaser was running past the finish line each time – how tempting to peel off and finish – throughout the race I had been cheered along by family, friends and of course, the crowd, this I found incredibly uplifting and is what made me all the more determined to finish. And finish I did, though my time was slow I had still done a PB being my first Olympic Distance Tri. What a relief to complete it! Sydney managed to provide one of its most spectacular autumn days with comfortable temperatures for competing, so glad I didn’t roll over and ignore my alarm. I look forwards to competing next year with a full tank of fuel!

Phil Catchpole

I am stoked with the journey as much as the result. Thinking back to the Physio treatments 2 years ago I could not have envisaged it leading to this but I’m so thankful for the quality of life you’ve given me.

Eight weeks ago Alex called me with the exciting news that AP10 and Dextro would like to give me the opportunity to race the Dextro Energy Triathlon Sydney  I had contemplated entering this race in December but lacked swim confidence. To be given the chance to race by AP10 and Dextro was a huge thrill as well as a bit of a burden.

This was my first O.D. race, having race an Enticer in Wollongong at the end of 2010. In a field of about 220, I beat just five people out of the water. But I rode and ran with a smile on my face as I passed person after person and i was hooked.  I was an envious spectator at the 2011 Dextro Energy Triathlon Sydney Race but thought the distances were beyond me.12 months on I’ve joined a Tri club in Sydney, raced half a dozen Sprint races, a 1km Ocean Swim and run 2 half marathons … and now raced my first Olympic Distance!

It was a big thrill to be able to race an iconic race in the city of Sydney on a spectacular course. I watched the pros on Saturday and was put at ease after a brief conversation with Alex which went something like “You’ll be fine mate. Go out there and just have fun.” And for most of the race that’s what I did.

Swimming has always been my weakness but I had the most comfortable swim I have ever experienced and I came out of the water in a staggering 30:47, 5 mins ahead of my estimated time. WOW! Try wiping that smile off my face. Even the climb up to transition couldn’t dampen my spirits.   Onto the bike and I’m in my element. Loved the challenging course. The chance to ride over the Harbour Bridge is just a unique opportunity to be savoured. I loved the climbs almost as much as I loved the descents and my ride time of 1:15:29 was pretty well on my expected pace.

The run however brought me back down to earth. First time I’ve ever had a stitch in a race and I just couldn’t get rid of it or get into a rhythm. I lifted when I saw Alex on his second lap but then started to get dizzy spells and was only able to jog – walk much of the course. The support from athletes and spectators was incredible but I’d been sick in the two weeks leading up to the race and had given all I could. I crossed the line with a run time of 59:59, you beauty, just under an hour.   My race time of 2:48:41 is beyond my wildest dreams. It may not be the quickest but I’m learning plenty about the sport and am thankful that I have the opportunity to get out there and compete.   So thank you very much Alex for the opportunity and the belief you’ve shown in me. Racing is far more enjoyable than spectating!

Michael Perry

What a cracker of a race!! if this isnt in your bucket list then it should be. there is no other time when you can swim the harbour, ride the bridge and run the city in the space of two hours.
The elite races on saturday were great to see and definately got the competitive juices flowing for the the age groupers on the sunday. The course looked fantastic plastered in the Dextro logos and it was also nice to meet the guys and girls from the Dextro team.
The AP10 team went into the race a little bit diferently from the usual ‘enjoy the paincave’ mentality. With the looming Ironman Alex got us to race far more controlled than usual. This left us with more of a chance to soak up the entire course, crowd and atmosphere of the day. A different experience, but one that i completely enjoyed.

Josi Hollywood

To Dextro and AP10,

Thanks for an  unforgettable weekend of racing in Sydney. To rub shoulders with the pro’s and have the opportunity to race on the same course in our beautiful city of Sydney was a blast.

I love events like this, they really fuel my motivation to train harder and get better results. I’ll be back next year with bells on!

Sam Bowden

What an amazing opportunity; swim the harbour, ride the bridge, run the city all thanks to a free entry provided by Dextro Energy and Alex. For me, my race didn’t exactly go to plan. Basically when the gun went off I found there was no fuel in the tank and suddenly I was in Struggle Town population ME! I tried hard to focus on the job at hand, getting the nutrition in, not going out too hard, keeping the cadence high but in the end it came down to…. find a happy thought and hang on to it. So I settled for enjoying using Sydney’s iconic Opera House as a sighting reference in the swim, ooo’d and argh’d over the incredible view off the Harbour Bridge and soaked up the atmosphere from the crowd cheering the athletes on.

At the end of the race I caught up with Alex and stepped into a scene from the movie Kungfu…. He asked me how my race was. I told him it wasn’t the best. Aah Grasshopper…. he said, you have had a rough month in other aspects of your life, emotionally, mentally and your stress levels have been through the roof. He then explained how all the bodies systems are inter related and that overall health and well being had a gigantic effect on how you perform as an athlete. This was a huge light bulb for me the way he explained it and made 100% sense…. Thanks Alex

So what did I learn from my weekend racing in Sydney…..(Zen moment here) that life and training needs to balance and if at some stage it doesn’t, cut yourself some slack there will be other races! And in the mean time, enjoy riding the ‘bridge’!

Alex Price

On a personal note, I had had a massive week of work and hadn’t expected or thought much about the race. I was working with Team USA, the elite athletes who competed on the Saturday, as their physio, while juggling many other commitments. This combined with the fact Michael, Shannon and myself were just racing it easy in preparation for the Ironman, meant that there was very little pressure.

As a result of this I enjoyed the race as much as any other race I have done. I went at a nice cruisey pace, tested a few things with where my fitness/techniques are and chatted and waved a little. I had a ball. That, combined with seeing so many of my athletes racing in the AP10 gear, made me smile all the way through the course.

It was a real highlight to have the Dextro Energy team there, who I work very closely with and spent a lot of time with over the week and weekend. An awesome bunch of people that I am excited to be involved with into the future!

To race looking at the sun rising, with the harbor bridge and Opera House in the background, is something I will never forget!


Train Smart, Race Fast!!! 

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