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AP10 and the Wollongong Olympic!

It was a great weekend in Wollongong, with the second ‘TritheGong’ triathlon festival being held. It saw an awesome turn out, with so many different people taking part in the 4 triathlons; Mini-Man, Enticer, Sprint and Olympic. For me, that’s what it’s all about, getting people involved in the sport of triathlon that otherwise may not have a chance to do so. The shorter races play such a vital role in introducing people to the sport. It gives them an attainable distance to work towards and achieve. This is often the much needed ‘bridge’ people need to go on to race in the longer, more challenging events! So well done to those involved in bringing triathlon back to the Gong!

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Ed and I had a very proud day seeing so many AP10 kits and members/friends/people who have had analysis, physio or bike fits, compete during the weekend. I think the kits look great out there and are helping to build the vision I have of building a supportive, team environment under the AP10 banner.

Personally I had a good day of racing. It was nice to race age group and have other athletes around me to ‘race’. I was happy with how the race went, strong and consistent through the 3 legs and considering the work load recently that I have been doing in prep for Ironman Oz and the phase of the training cycle, was quite happy with the end result of third.

I was however, pretty concerned about the bike course. It was a 9km bike leg, with around 400 people on it. It was pretty darn unsafe out there, with people riding 2 to 3 abreast at any time. There were no motorbikes on the course, which didn’t help the safety and definitely did not help the amount of drafting! The run course was scheduled to go along the bike path according to the maps and information, however we went along the grass – which following the rain, consisted of mud and knee length grass! While I suspect this may not have been 100% the organisers fault, it is a few things that really need to be ironed out, especially if the event is to grow.

I have compiled a few words from all of the AP10 members, who all had great races and supported better than most!

Justin ‘new in the kit’ Adams

I love being on the bike and the new Cobb saddle and a fitting from Alex worked a dream. The bike was much more comfortable and made it easier to keep focused on the job. Keeping a good tempo up the short little hills made the legs feel fresher on the run. I spent a few minutes while in transition visualizing my transitions. This helped allot and I was very happy with my transitions times, especially T2. I remember doing Tri the Gong last year and was struggling to find my damn bike!

During the run, Alex’s tips were constantly going through my mind, keep tall. I felt less fatigued when compared to previous Olympic distance events and I didn’t have any little devils in my head telling me to give up, why are you doing this……

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

Sam Bowden – Chief Supporter

What a great weekend!
The team looked fantastic in the new kit, easy to spot out on the course and after the race I could easily see everyone in the recovery area.
I guess what stood out for me, standing on the side-lines, was that some of the competitors on the second lap were obviously getting tired…and they were losing their run form. so mental note to Sam was focus on keeping a good run form throughout the race, particularly focus on maintaining a strong core, stay tall, high cadence, light feet etc etc.

Meanwhile all of the AP10 team looked strong and comfortable throughout the race and I had a great time cheering for you. I’ll be out there amongst the action very soon, with my next race in Sydney ITU!

Michael Perry – Side burns Growing Extraordinare

Tri the gong was a great chance for a hit out in the middle of the season and local to boot. Although not an ‘A’ race for me it was still a great opportunity to test a few things, sharpen the racing sword and use the race to gain some speed work.

Alex took a number of factors into consideration for my prep coming into the race in the context of the main priority being IM Port Mac in May. Without sacrificing too much time from the schedule and thanks to Alex, I arrived on the starting line fresh and ready to race. This made sure that i gained the full gamit of benefits from the day as well as achieving a PB. Stoked with everything on the day and just as pleased with how he can get me to freshen up without missing any key training!

Shanon  ‘Finally sinking in’  Spargo

Let’s just say, i ‘think’ I have finally realised that it is much more beneficial to focus on me & how my body is feeling, rather than worrying about who is catching me or who I trying to run down. (despite Alex telling me this for 6 months!) HA

The phrase

experience is simply the name we give our mistakes




was written as a result of the majority of my previous races.

Yesterday, I believe that my entire focus was on me, my nutrition, heart rate & how my body was feeling. The best thing is, I know I can go a lot faster, but I was happy with the result & got a lot of confidence out of the race.

Lastly, the importance of a positive mindset and having the right mental determination is 3/4’s of the way to a good race – its great to not have those demons in your head telling u to stop!!

Jon ‘The Comedian’ Elvy

Line up at LeVendis was pretty full on after T1. Had to wait at least 15mins for a coffee, this was an issue..On the bike course it was surprising to see how many people were coasting down to the turnaround at Le Vendis, instead of pedalling.Oh, I guess the Dude who was leading the 30-34 male AG out of the swim by at least 1min, retrospectively would have been better served to back off on the swim and reserve some energy for the rest of the race. He dropped back on the bike then out the back door on the run.

AP10 kits looked great out on the course and they are really easy spot. Congrats to everyone that raced you all looked good out there.

You know when you say something and you realise what you have said just after you say it. There may have been a slight misunderstanding with Ed when I said to him as he was walking off to the toilet “do you want me to hold it for you”. (“it” being the camera he had around his neck). I’ll be clear I was definitely talking about the camera. I’m sure everyone standing around when this happen thought we had some sort of special relationship. Given we were both wearing AP10 shirts. Anyway it provided a bit of comic relief.

Megan ‘Now a cyclist’ Gregory

I had an awesome day on Sunday! Firstly I found it so motivating to have a race in Wollongong on such a gorgeous morning. My aim was to get out there and really enjoy the day! I was especially pleased with my bike leg as I can feel a real improvement. Nice to know all the km’s are paying off. When I got off the bike my legs felt like lead! Probably more a result of Saturdays ride and run. I imagined that the ‘lead’ feeling will be with me for 42kms in ironman so this was good training. Alex’s words are always in my head, especially in the run leg when I am tired… ‘keep tall, keep the cadence up’ I gradually started to feel a little better and pushed to the finish with a smile.

I am always so proud to wear the AP10 kit and it was a great team feel out on the course, with everyone cheering each other on. Was also great to have others on the sidelines supporting!

Train Smart, Race Fast!


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