Blog — 21 November 2012
AIS – Level 3 Sports Physio Course

I have recently arrived back from the AIS in Canberra, where I spent 10 days doing the Sports Level 3 Physiotherapy course. This is a course that is run once a year and you have to apply a year out, with only 25 people being selected.

I knew this was going to be an amazing course, with most people living on residence and with a pretty hectic schedule of lectures and practicals every day. That said, I didn’t realise how much I was actually going to get out of it!

There were extremely knowledgable and experienced people participating in the course, which was great to share ideas. The people who lectured ranged from Specialists Sports Physiotherapist (of which there are only a handful in Australia), AIS physio’s, doctors, recovery specialists, coaches or exercise physiologists.

The “Physio” sections covered included;

– The sporting elbow, shoulder, spine and pelvis, the active foot, the sports shoulder and the latest research on tendon health and bone injury – including a great deal of information on stress fractures and their recovery.

Other topics covered included;

– Recovery – this was presented by the head of Performance Recovery at the AIS, Dr Halson. This was a extremely beneficial lecture, as she was very knowledgable and had done a huge amount of research on cyclists, runners and triathletes, so was very much in tune with this population. It included information on key dietary elements post training, effects of ice and contrast baths and the time intervals they should be used for, pre-cooling and many other techniques used at the AIS.

– Run Technique and Strength and Conditioning for runners – for this lecture we went to the indoor run track, which had cameras set up from every angle you could imagine. This was presented by the head of S & C, who was also a track coach. Things he spoke about reflected the key forces faced with running and how the body can be trained optimally to overcome them, along with perfect run form and the technology utilised by the AIS.

– Swim Technique and Training – We had both a lecture from the head physio of the Australian Swim Team, as well as a practical working with 4 AIS swimmers. Again the knowledge that was shared was hugely valuable and we also spent time under the pool in the technique analysis rooms.

– Training Load Monitoring – This was a great lecture exposing some of the methods the different AIS teams use to optimise training loading – (frequency and intensity) in order to get the most out of their athletes. This is something that was hugely beneficial to me as a physio, an athlete and a coach!

All in all, an amazing and inspiring 10 days. I have implemented a lot of the information I learnt already and will continue to moving forward!

I absolutely love to learn, I always have, but recently my passion to learn and be surrounded by knowledgable and inspiring people has grown even more!

The more you learn, the more you realise there is to know! Onwards and upwards

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